About Us

Who We Are

We are a collective of French|English linguists spread around the world: Africa, France, Belgium, Britain and the United States. We started out as a 3-member team of like-minded linguists casually co-editing and co-proofing especially content for and from Africa. As our collaboration grew, so did the need for more coordination and standardization. We now have 7 members with 3 things in common: a Masters Degree in Translation (French-English), work ethic and a combined in-depth cultural knowledge of Africa, Canada, Europe and the United States. We specialize in Business Translation, Intellectual Property Translation, International Development Translation, Environment Translation, Personal Document Translation and Technical Translation. Our different specializations and expertise constitute our strength. We’re big enough to handle your projects, big or small; yet, small enough to add a personal touch to the solutions we offer. We are  your target culture voice. We ensure your content is accurate, consistent and culturally appropriate. You can trust us with the translation, transcreation, localization and proofreading of your personal, business and project/policy documents. There’s no better team to provide you with consistent quality solutions to your cultural and/or linguistic needs. To view a sample founding member’s profile, please click here.

Summary of Our Process

  • We co-edit and proof each other’s work according to our cultural knowledge, expertise and specialization
  • We share ideas and provide input in our various areas of expertise and specialization
  • We have and follow a uniform QA process
  • With client’s prior approval, we collaborate on large urgent projects
  • We rotate admin duties and currently use the invoicing system of the point of contact with the client.
  • The point of contact is the project manager and is:
    • copied on all emails and
    • fully responsible for proofing and QA prior to delivery
  • We offer both single and packaged solutions